Membership Guidelines

Membership Terms
The below guidelines are continuously updated. Guidelines do not cover all conceivable points of membership, therefore this information is continuously updated as needed. Please contact us if a question or situation not addressed here arises.

  1. Renter/Member MUST be 21 years of age or older.
  2. Unlimited Memberships are billed March through November months only. Pay-As-You-Go is billed monthly, year-round. Social Memberships are billed in 3 month increments.
  3. When available, boats may be rented by Unlimited Membership holders December through February at a rate of $175 per day. Pay-As-You-Go rate remains the same.
  4. Membership can be canceled with a minimum ten (10) day notice.
  5. Unlimited boat use, per reservation rules (see below) and membership plan.
  6. Boats may be checked out anytime after 8 am.
  7. Boats MUST be docked or anchored before dark.
  8. Boats must be properly cleaned (sprayed down on the exterior and a "quick-clean" on the interior) upon return, or incur a $75 "Cleaning Fee".
  9. By law, children 12 years old and younger MUST wear a proper sized pfd while underway.
  10. If singlehanding (sailing solo), member MUST wear pfd with harness system and be tethered to the boat at all times.
  11. All passengers 18 and older (17 and under must be signed by a guardian) MUST sign our waiver form and a float plan MUST be filed. Both must be left in the dock box before departure.
  12. Immediate family (spouse and children under 25 years old) included in membership.
  13. Only "Member on File" may checkout a boat.
  14. All members receive discounted sailing lessons.
  15. Coastal Carolina Sailing Club/Myrtle Beach Sailing School reserves the right to cancel or postpone your sail if weather or ocean conditions are deemed unsafe or are beyond the skill or experience level of the member.
  16. Members agree to operate all boats in accordance with U.S. Coast Guard regulations, South Carolina and North Carolina State regulations and within the guidelines set forth by Myrtle Beach Sailing School and Coastal Carolina Sailing Club provided in this document.
  17. Membership requires that you carry a personal TowBoat US package or equivalent. Please call us to discuss.


Reservation Rules

  1. A member may have only two (2) single-day reservations on the books at any one time. Once a day is used the member may reserve another day. This is to assure that all members have access to the boat(s).
  2. A member may have only one three-day reservation on the books at any one time. Once the three-day reservation is used the member may reserve another. All non-Social memberships are allowed to anchor overnight at Bird Island or The Crossroads. The Bareboat Cruising course or equivalent and the approval of Myrtle Beach Sailing School are prerequisites for being allowed to sail to Bald Head Island or Southport.
  3. Same-Day reservations may be made after 8 am and has no effect on a member’s single-day reservation. Same day reservations are first-come, first serve.
  4. Members are to notify us as soon as possible of any cancellations.


Boat Use Prerequisites
Currently, Coastal Carolina Sailing Club requires sailing certification prerequisites for member safety, competency when sailing in unfamiliar areas, and to minimize the potential for damage to our equipment. If you do not have sailing certifications but feel you are an experienced sailor please call us to discuss.

  1. 37ft and larger requires ASA Bareboat Cruising, US Sailing Basic Cruising, or equivalent.
  2. 36ft and smaller requires ASA Basic Coastal Cruising, US Sailing Bareboat Cruising, or equivalent.