Race Days: April – May

Join Us For April & May Race Days!

Saturday April 6 & 20, and May 4

Coastal Carolina Sailing Club members and current and former sailing students of Myrtle Beach Sailing School are invited to join us for the 2019 Long Bay Sailing Association (LBSA) racing season beginning in April.

Most racing weeks we will have one of our sailboats available for racing and have 4 crew spots available to fill. Bill or Jason will be attending to "guide" but you will be the ones doing the sailing. There are typically two races per day so crew positions will be rotated. If our sailboat fills there may be opportunities to hop on another LBSA member's sailboat.

If you are interested we suggest attending (not mandatory) the Skipper's Meeting Saturday, March 30 that the LBSA is holding, time and location TBD. This is a great way to meet other like-minded sailors and learn some of the racing rules.

Race 1 & 2:  April 6 - Island Song Morgan 321
Race 3 & 4: April 20 - Bohemian Blue Beneteau 390
Race 5 & 6: May 4 - Bohemian Blue Beneteau 390

Be prepared to bring food, beverages and sunscreen as we will be on the water a good portion of the day.

For those interested in participating or have questions please call Jason at 843-241-6874.

Long Bay Sailing Association 2019 Racing Schedule

The Long Bay Sailing Association (LBSA) offers the Myrtle Beach area's only organized sailboat racing events. All of our sailboats are registered with the LBSA and can be used for racing, providing you are a member ($30 per person, per year) of their association.

Rent a boat as Skipper and bring your own crew or hop aboard with one of our Instructors. We will be designating a sailboat one race day per month with one of our Instructors for students and their family and friends to participate as crew.

We highly recommend joining and participating as much as your schedule allows. Along with using our sailboats for racing, many LBSA members enjoy taking on, and sometimes need, crew for their boats.

Racing is a great way to improve your sailing skills and their after race get-togethers are a fantastic way to get to know other area sailors. Annual dues are $30 per person or $50 per family. Please see their membership page for more information.

Dates in bold are designated as Crew with Instructor race days. If a sailboat is not designated it may be rented/used by members/students for racing, if available.

Racing Dates:
March 30 : Get together, skippers meeting
April 06  – Race 1 & 2 (Island Song (IS) is designated)
April 20 – R 3 & 4 (Bohemian Blue (BB) is designated)
May 4 – R 5 & 6 (BB)
June 1 – R 7 & 8
June 15 & 16  Governor’s Cup (IS & BB)
June 29 – R 9 & 10 (BB)
July 13  – R 11 & 12 (BB)
Aug 31 – R 13 & 14 (BB)
Sept 14 – R 15 & 16 (BB)
Sept 28 – R 17 & 18 (IS)
Oct 12 – R 19 & 20
Oct 26 – R 21 & 22  End of racing (BB)

NOTE:    All events may be cancelled or changed due to weather.